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Droid 2.2 firmware update (Froyo)

2010-08-06 1 comment

I waited until the official firmware release, but I’m impatient, and I have concerns about Verizon bastardizing some features (USB tethering, etc). 

The install was smooth, but I had to remove the battery after the restart when the system appeared to hang during initialization (eye of Sauron animation), then all was well. 

  • Minor interface changes to Google Mail and other apps. Home page interface updated. Performance and battery life at least as good as 2.1 build.
  • All existing apps work fine, the only difference I have noted to date is that the right scroll bar is not visible when some apps (Twitdroid, others) initialize.
  • Handcent SMS is much faster when initializing.
  • Google Mail interface – supports multiple selects and operations, flagging SPAM takes fewer keystrokes
  • Android Marketplace now has an Update All button – so you don’t have to select individual packages, download and OK install. 
  • Data entry – when you’re entering text using the screen, frequently used symbols are available (comma, apostrophe, etc). This is probably my favorite feature so far.
  • I’m using Touchdown, so I can’t comment on Exchange ActiveSync.
  • I need to test Bluetooth dial-by-voice and tethering my laptop for Internet access.

I will post a comprehensive review after using the update for a full work week.

Firmware and instructions –

Motorola Droid support site –

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