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Windows endpoint security recommendations


Friends and family have asked about antivirus and security recommendations. This is a quick summary of my best practices to keep your desktop or laptop secure.

Keep your system updated. Set Windows Update to run automatically or manually run it weekly. Pay attention to Microsoft Patch Tuesday.

Antivirus – I recommend using Microsoft Defender. There are others, but the consumer version of Defender is solid, it is less likely to impact other programs, it doesn’t impact performance, and combined with other safe computing practices is a solid antivirus/malware solution.

Browsers – Edge, Chrome, Firefox, all are secure. I recommend installing the beta channels for all browsers. They have proven to be very stable, and you avoid ‘day zero’ exploits.

Browser add-ons – install an ad blocker. Don’t think twice. Install an ad blocker, and make sure it’s uBlock Origin, the one with this logo:


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