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Why do I hate DirecTV Now, let me count the ways

I got an e-mail from AT&T/DirecTV asking me to complete a survey on why I unsubscribed from DirecTV Now.  I spent quite a bit of time crafting a comprehensive answer, only to receive the notice below.  Part of my issue with DirecTV was the poor interface design. I now extend that criticism to the survey. … Read more »

"A safe propane torch for applications around the home"

I get a feed from “Cool Tools” and this caught my eye.  I’m thinking of using it to remove snow or scare the shit out of my neighbors.  Looking for a backpack to hold the propane tank next. Harbor Freight – Greenwood propane torch Note from Cool Tools: “I was a small part of a… Read more »

Windows 10–favorite new feature

I’ve been using Windows 10 through the Windows Insider program, but I’m still discovering new features.  This morning I was using Sysinternals to test something and realized it wasn’t on my Path.  I decided to edit my system settings (clean things up, and add a path to my Sysinternals folder).  Normally I cut and paste… Read more »

No such thing as a miracle anti-wrinkle cream say scientists Which? Conversation

Anti-wrinkle cream miracles debunked by scientists via No such thing as a miracle anti-wrinkle cream say scientists Which? Conversation. Living in a house with four women, and being over 50, I have researched moisturizers, sunscreens, and other other the counter skin creams. The most compelling point made in this article is that collagen can’t be absorbed… Read more »