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HP notes – update BIOS from F10

I got a friends-and-family return-from-lease HP 8100 workstation.  No RAM, no disk, just the basic workstation.  I am trying to install Windows 10, but I’m having issues with the OS install failing.  HP notes point to an out-of-date BIOS.  The challenge is how to update the BIOS when you have no OS installed. 1. Download… Read more »

Netgear security update

Check your router for a vulnerability by entering the string below into your browser (change [router-address] to the IP address of your router (example: http://[router-address]/cgi-bin/;uname$IFS-a If that page shows anything but an error or an empty page, your router is affected and you need to apply the patch just published by Netgear (link below)…. Read more »

Raspberry Pi 3 start kit recommendation

Several people have asked about Raspberry Pi  kits recently.  I’m lazy, so I’ll maintain this list so I can just point people to this link.  Any questions or suggestions, let me know. Components 1.       Raspberry Pi 3 – get the latest one, best value for money, WiFi and Bluetooth included 2.       Case for Raspberry Pi… Read more »

Obihai Update

We have used an Obi 110 as our home phone service through Google Voice since June 2011.  This month, we started having a problem dialing outbound and received a male voice referencing a password issue with the Google Voice account.  The password was fine, and I found the screen shots below Clicked link on support… Read more »

Raspberry Pi 3

I just ordered one from Newark Electronics.  At a meeting today, we had a discussion about Raspberry Pi 3, so I thought I would post my notes for reference. I did some quick checking, and I would recommend only buying the Raspberry Pi 3 because it has better specs (faster CPU, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth included),… Read more »

Software to securely erase hard drives

Did some R&D for my brother and wanted to document the best options for securely erasing hard drives for sale or donation. Disc Wipe Utility – Windows executable and source (should compile on UNIX/Linux systems). Eraser – Windows scrub utility diskscrub – UNIX source code

Google Maps GPS integration

A family friend came down to visit, and he got a bit lost.  One way to avoid this is to look up an address on Google Maps and save it to your GPS.  This also helps you get an idea of what routing options you have for your trip.   Select the address, then click… Read more »

Computer Backup Recommendations

This is the first in a series of reference articles that answer frequently asked questions from friends, family, and clients.  I will update these articles as required.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or recommendations. Required hardware and software    Software – Acronis TrueImage 2012    Hardware – external hard drive –… Read more »