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Android issues with Netgear R6250 and Motorola SB6121

August 10, 2015 Comments off

I haven’t read about other people with this exact problem, so I’m posting my solution in the hopes of helping some other poor soul.



We had significant performance issues with 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz wifi connections on our Android phones.  The symptom was clicking on any link required over a minute to render the page.  Worse case was as much as 2-3 minutes for shortened links (regardless of short link provider).  I tried installing Android based proxy servers and DNS servers.  Also checked to make sure I used good DNS servers, and installed Microsoft and Linux DNS server on my network configured to use root instead of a forwarder. Nothing improved wifi performance.



Installed Tomato for the Netgear R6250.  Install details below, and after configuring the Wi-Fi, the upgrade resolved all the Android performance problems.  I’m familiar with the Tomato firmware and ran it on several older Linksys devices (WRT-54G and others), and I’m very impressed with the release for the R6250.


My install process is below.  Software downloaded from AdvancedTomato –

1.       Using the Netgear interface perform the following tasks:

a.       Backup R6250 configuration and save it in a reference rolder

b.       Restore default settings for the router using

c.       Use existing interface, install the Tomato “initial’ binary using the GUI

2.       Log in to tomato and re-flash router using AIO.trx file

3.       Erase NV ram – you can do this by clicking the “erase nvram” box when you load the AIO binaries

4.       The Tomato Flashing Guide expects the wireless will not be detected after reboot.

a.       The Wifi appeared to be working correctly, for me.

b.       I restarted anyway, all was well

5.       Wireless was detected and working correctly

6.       Read Tomato documentation and configure your system in a secure fashion


Cable Provider:                 Comcast, Performance Tier service, 25/6 Mbps
Cable Modem:                  Motorola Surfboard SB6121
Wireless Router:               Netgear R6250, native firmware v.

Reference Links

AdvancedTomato – Netgear R6250

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Docker security issue?

April 24, 2015 Comments off

Doing a lot of research on Cloud services.  Aside from services, features, and cost, my focus has been Federation (with on premise Active Directory specifically) and Security.  I haven’t duplicated the root access in this article, but this is exactly the thing that keeps me up at night.

Using the docker command to root the host (totally not a security issue) // reventlov’s silly hacks.


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Comcast speed upgrade

November 14, 2013 No comments

OK, people badmouth Comcast, but this is a pretty good deal.  I upgraded my cable modem in 2007 to DOCSIS 2.0 and IPv6 support.  It might be time to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0.  I’ll do more testing over the weekend to determine if I really need the upgrade.  Note from Comcast and my results below (before resetting the cable modem).

Dear Valued Customer,
Great news! We’ve increased your Internet speed!
We increased the speed of your Performance Internet service by up to 25%! You now have download speeds up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds up to 5 Mbps.

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Walt Whitman grave

March 2, 2013 No comments

These are photos of Walt Whitman’s grave from Camden, NJ.  We visited his family mausauleaum after we attended the military honors for my cousin Ken Corcoran.


IMG_0226 IMG_0222 IMG_0229

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Helped nearby drivers by repor…

October 9, 2012 No comments

Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on County Line Rd, Warminster on @waze – Drive Social.

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@k8tlevy – great to meet you a…

September 30, 2012 No comments

@k8tlevy – great to meet you and your crew on the MS-150. Achilles pain may be position of cleat or bike fit. Do You know @MatthewBotos?

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Check out “Code Camp 2012.2” h…

September 27, 2012 No comments

Check out “Code Camp 2012.2” via @eventbrite

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RT @itsrealTED: Snooki is in l…

August 25, 2012 No comments

RT @itsrealTED: Snooki is in labor. // prepare, the anti-Christ will be among us soon.

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RT @slashdot: Scientists Induc…

August 19, 2012 No comments

RT @slashdot: Scientists Inducted Into Chemistry “Hall of Fame” happening in Philadelphia this week!

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RT @fivethirtyeight: Have to w…

RT @fivethirtyeight: Have to wait for polls, but on instinct I’d call McCaskill a 2:1 favorite in (cont)

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