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Due to ‘bots registering fake users, I just disabled new user registration.  I’m not sure how I will handle this moving forward, but I want to allow comments, I just don’t want 20 fake accounts created each day.

Stay tuned.

Droid 2.2 firmware update (Froyo)

I waited until the official firmware release, but I’m impatient, and I have concerns about Verizon bastardizing some features (USB tethering, etc). 

The install was smooth, but I had to remove the battery after the restart when the system appeared to hang during initialization (eye of Sauron animation), then all was well. 

  • Minor interface changes to Google Mail and other apps. Home page interface updated. Performance and battery life at least as good as 2.1 build.
  • All existing apps work fine, the only difference I have noted to date is that the right scroll bar is not visible when some apps (Twitdroid, others) initialize.
  • Handcent SMS is much faster when initializing.
  • Google Mail interface – supports multiple selects and operations, flagging SPAM takes fewer keystrokes
  • Android Marketplace now has an Update All button – so you don’t have to select individual packages, download and OK install. 
  • Data entry – when you’re entering text using the screen, frequently used symbols are available (comma, apostrophe, etc). This is probably my favorite feature so far.
  • I’m using Touchdown, so I can’t comment on Exchange ActiveSync.
  • I need to test Bluetooth dial-by-voice and tethering my laptop for Internet access.

I will post a comprehensive review after using the update for a full work week.

Firmware and instructions –

Motorola Droid support site –

Droid GPS Problem and fix

Last Friday, my Droid GPS started acting up.  While trying to estimate my travel time from a bus on the NJ Turnpike, the Google Maps screen went blue.  After trying to reset my Location several times, I turned on different Layers, then zoomed out.  The screen was blue because the GPS thought I was in the Atlantic Ocean a few miles East of Ocean City, MD.

I looked around, and confirmed I was on the NJ Turnpike. 

Today, I went to the local Verizon tech, and she was able to resolve the problem by doing a *228 update, and removing the battery.

Things to note:

  • The tech said my last update was November, 2009, when I got the phone.
  • I know I did an update within the last month or so, because I was demonstrating it to one of my daughters.
  • The phone has been so stable, I haven’t removed the battery since before the Android 2.1 firmware update.
  • I have only turned the phone off twice in the last three months.

In the future, I plan to update the software (*228) monthly, and at least cycle the power on the phone to minimize problems and optimize operation of the phone.

You Had Me At EHLO… : iOS 4 and Exchange ActiveSync



iOS 4 and Exchange ActiveSync

You Had Me At EHLO… : iOS 4 and Exchange ActiveSync

I haven’t seen this yet, but be aware.  iPhone 4 issues with Exchange ActiveSync.

  1. Exchange administrators are seeing heavier than normal loads on their servers from users with iOS devices
  2. Email, calendar, or contacts are not syncing
  3. iPhone is not working with Google Apps over Exchange ActiveSync

If you see any of these symptoms, I highly recommend upgrading your iPhone to an Android device.  If this is not possible, check out the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog link above.