To the guy who called asking f…

To the guy who called asking for “Jan”, and argued he called the correct number please call me back. I will make you cry like a little girl.

Microsoft kicks butt, shuts do…

Microsoft kicks butt, shuts down the world’s largest spam network, Rustock; I’m seeing a 45% to 50% reduction in SPAM – Thanks, Microsoft!

RCI Financial Title–Timeshare ripoff details

I’m posting these details for the greater good.  This should be indexed on Google within 24 hours.

My mother just got an offer from RCI Financial Title.  They said they have a ‘corporate buyer’ for her three timeshares. The e-mail contained a poorly formatted, pseudo-contract offering $50,000 for her timeshare. They request a “Doc stamp fee” of $3500.

The kicker is, the properties are only worth $15,000 and this is “too good to be true”.

NOTE – RCI Financial Title is NOT associated with RCI (, the timeshare exchange company.  My mother called to confirm.

Details about the scam:

E-mail came from a Hotmail address –

Address used in the document (below) appears to be a UPS box (I love Google Maps!).  There is no company with the name “RCI Financial Title” that shows up at the address in the e-mail.  I did some research and have the real company address below (based on 2010 business tax records).

It’s also odd that the name in the document (Jack Phillips) is different from the e-mail address (Phillip Harris) doesn’t match the name within the e-mail (Jack Phillips).

Financial/Title Office:  8815 Conroy-Windermere Rd. Suite 113, Orlando, Fl 32835  (407)243-7512   Jack Phillips

The company web site ( is a cheesy, basic web site.  There is no e-mail associated with the domain, and the phone number for the company doesn’t match the phone number in the e-mail.



The company was incorporated June 2010, and the only ‘real’ name I found associated with the company is LISA GRANSKIE

Started on indoor trainer. Ne…

Started on indoor trainer. Need to replace chains and tune up all the bikes. Fitness goal of AHA fit heart standards (<200 lbs) by August.