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Microsoft Help file not displaying on Windows 7

I wanted to document this issue because if it happened to me, there’s probably someone else who is experiencing this issue. I downloaded the Exchange 2013 Help file and opened it locally. Nothing displayed. Nothing at all. The right display … Continue reading

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Big Changes Ahead

I’m just back from TechEd 2014.  I was drinking Microsoft Kool-Aid from the firehose for a week.  I can summarize it in one word – “Cloud” (capital “C”).  This is an oversimplification, but that was the theme. I came home … Continue reading

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Comcast speed upgrade

OK, people badmouth Comcast, but this is a pretty good deal.  I upgraded my cable modem in 2007 to DOCSIS 2.0 and IPv6 support.  It might be time to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0.  I’ll do more testing over the weekend … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Mail security issues.

I’m seeing a lot of issues with Yahoo Mail accounts being compromised, so I’m posting my notes here and will update as I understand the problem better.  An example is when you get e-mail from friends with a single, SPAM … Continue reading

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Walt Whitman grave

These are photos of Walt Whitman’s grave from Camden, NJ.  We visited his family mausauleaum after we attended the military honors for my cousin Ken Corcoran.     

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Samsung Galaxy S3 – quick review

My original Motorola Droid was approaching four years old and over the holidays the 3G crapped out.  It was a serviceable phone, but some apps started to weigh down the phone, and if I used Navigation, I had to have … Continue reading

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Google Maps GPS integration

A family friend came down to visit, and he got a bit lost.  One way to avoid this is to look up an address on Google Maps and save it to your GPS.  This also helps you get an idea … Continue reading

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Computer Backup Recommendations

This is the first in a series of reference articles that answer frequently asked questions from friends, family, and clients.  I will update these articles as required.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or recommendations. … Continue reading

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Hunter S. Thompson died seven years ago He wasn’t exactly a role model, but he was a good writer, and he had some keen insight into the human condition as well as politics.  I first became aware of Thompson when I read “Fear and Loathing on … Continue reading

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Washington DC is a bicycle and pedestrian friendly city

We spent the past weekend in DC for a volleyball tournament (which was awesome, too).  The thing that impressed me most was the unusual bike lanes and the Capital Bikeshare program.  First, Capital Bikeshare has over 1200 bikes and 140 … Continue reading

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Installing a ROM on a Motorola Droid 1

I just updated the firmware on my Motorola Droid (version 1, two years told).   Project Elite 5 was the first ROM I loaded after I rooted my Verizon Droid Version 1 phone.  I updated to CynogenMod 7, but it appeared … Continue reading

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LRHSD Math and Science Career Expo – November 14, 2011

Thanks to all the students and parents for coming.  My big fear with these types of presentations is that no one will show up. Below is a link to the presentation.  The version I used in the presentation was a … Continue reading

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Things I’m reading to improve my writing

I’m re-reading some and I’m sorry it took me this long to re-read them.  With the volume of electronic communication we produce and consume daily, I believe it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the use of capitalization, … Continue reading

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Buffalo Technology AirStation N300 Wireless Router and AP Model WZR-HP-G300NH

My trusty Linksys WRT54G running Tomato firmware appeared to be dying.  My upload speed, as measured by, was in the range of Kbps instead of Mbps.  Download speeds were inconsistent, in the rage of 10 Mbps to 14 Mbps. … Continue reading

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I’m late to the party, but if anyone is interested in Google+, let me know. OK, it took less than five minutes for someone to ask, but my other condition is that you show you’re not a bot, and your … Continue reading

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Futurama returns June 23!

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Why Not to Take a Break After College

Why Not to Take a Break After College – This is a great advice for students graduating into a tight job market.  In addition, I would recommend networking as much and as often as you can. Establish a professional … Continue reading

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RCI Financial Title–Timeshare ripoff details

I’m posting these details for the greater good.  This should be indexed on Google within 24 hours. My mother just got an offer from RCI Financial Title.  They said they have a ‘corporate buyer’ for her three timeshares. The e-mail … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Google “advanced sign-in security”

When you bump into people at a funeral discussing e-mail security problems, you know it’s a mainstream issue.  A woman we were chatting with just spent the better part of two weeks restoring access to her MSN account after she … Continue reading

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No such thing as a miracle anti-wrinkle cream say scientists Which? Conversation

Anti-wrinkle cream miracles debunked by scientists via No such thing as a miracle anti-wrinkle cream say scientists Which? Conversation. Living in a house with four women, and being over 50, I have researched moisturizers, sunscreens, and other other the counter skin … Continue reading

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Recommendations on setting up a web site.

I just helped Katie setup a web site (  While I’m walking through the process, I thought it would be worthwhile to document the process.  Partly this is for my reference, partly as a placeholder for friends and family setting … Continue reading

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Why I hate Prometric for Microsoft Certification Exams

Why doesn’t Prometric recruit another location in New Jersey (specifically Mount Laurel) for IT professionals to take Microsoft and other certification exams? Why doesn’t Prometric fix it’s web site?  It’s 2010, and a company that has a monopoly on Microsoft … Continue reading

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Android Software List

Lots of people are getting Android phones.  My last update was in January, so it’s overdue.  The most compelling feature of the Android devices is the integration of all the applications, and in particular with Google Services.  For example, search … Continue reading

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Download details: Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Download details: Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Remote Desktop Connection Manager.  The latest release is 2.2, 5/27/2010.  This is an awesome tool to centralize and manage lots of remote servers.  You can set standards for RDP sessions, and override the defaults … Continue reading

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Google Mail Android App Update

I have an original Droid, and while downloading updates today, I noticed a GMail application.  It didn’t show up as an update, but as a new application.  I installed it, and I am very impressed with the new features.  Message … Continue reading

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