RT @adfskitteh I love how Lync…

RT @adfskitteh I love how Lync can make a room full of otherwise smart people look like complete and utter fools. // maybe it’s not Lync…

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Tall, bald, bearded engineer, married 25 years, three daughters and two story colonial in the 'burbs.
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One Response to RT @adfskitteh I love how Lync…

  1. Jeff Brady says:

    Hey Paul – long time. I’ve got Lync running here now also for IM and presence – opinons range from the greatest thing ever invented or yet another way for people to be annoying time sinks. I know which camp I’m in :) So far not hard to manage though – as long as nobdy reads any shiny articles abuot what it is really capable of ‘ll be ok.

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