Recommendations on setting up a web site.

I just helped Katie setup a web site (  While I’m walking through the process, I thought it would be worthwhile to document the process.  Partly this is for my reference, partly as a placeholder for friends and family setting up web sites.

I don’t have a favorite hosting site, but if you have an available server, I recommend WordPress for hosting most small business and personal web sites.


WordPress – download the latest version, and install using the Famous Five Minute Install

I install WordPress, customize wp-config.php, then setup Remote Publishing to support XML-RPC in the WordPress Administrative interface – Settings – Writing – Remote Publishing (screen shot below).


Next, you select Themes, set the About page, and typically us a Blogging tool such as Windows Live Writer.

Then, you want to publish the web site to

Google URL Submission

Yahoo URL Submission

Bing URL Submission

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